Supply management with traQ’food®

You do not have to do anything apart from complying with regulations.

  1. When you receive the goods, you need to inspect the t°C of the products, the shelf life, the packaging…

    1. Use the RECEIPT feature.
    2. You identify the products received, and you indicate the quantity received.
  2. When you use a product to serve it to consumers, you need to maintain the label affixed to the packaging that needs to indicate the name, the brand, and the N° of the product batch, the shelf life…
    1. use the LABELS feature
    2. You identify the open products, indicate the quantity of open products, and you photograph the label.

Supply management is completely automated. You also have the ability to:

  • Adjust or modify your supply. For example, a product for which the shelf life has been exceeded is eliminated, you simply remove it via the SUPPLY feature by simply clicking on “Remove” or “Add” For example, the shelf life of a product has been exceeded. Photographing the label via the LABELS feature would not be right, since that implies that you have served it to consumers. It would therefore be appropriate to use the SUPPLY feature
  • do an inventory in a few minutes by ensuring that the product quantities in supply and the quantities indicated in your traQ’food application are identical. If not, simply adjust and validate via the INVENTORY feature.

You’re done! By complying with the regulations, my supply level is updated automatically.

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