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Click & collect : How to choose your solution ?

Food Hygiene News 12 avril

The Covid-19 health crisis is pushing many restaurateurs to adopt click and collect as an essential solution to maintain their activity while facilitating the management of orders.

To better optimize this solution, what are the tools and techniques to know ?

A tool in your image

This point is very important, the image of your restaurant is the most impactful element. Your tool must therefore adapt to the world of your restaurant. In terms of logo, colors, typography, personalized e-mailings (...) The goal is to associate your value with your communication tool so that consumers can identify you at first glance.

The price of your tool

The advantage of click and collect is to allow you to sustain and make your restaurant profitable. So be careful that the tool you choose does not charge you more.

The level of :

  • Subscription price : pay attention to the monthly costs of your subscription. NB : Some tools are non-binding.
  • Watch out for commissions : commission on the sale and on the payment. NB : The most profitable tools do not take any commission on the sales made which will allow you to achieve large volumes.

Choose the autonomy and flexibility of your tool

The simplicity and flexibility of your tool gives you the ability to keep control of your map. And to follow your day in real time : delivery canceled, order canceled, dish sold out (...) So make sure you have a good capacity for autonomy to simply add or remove products.

Thanks to the traqfood application, you can also check your stocks in real time with just a few clicks.

Bet on UX **

The user experience, commonly known as UX, is an important quality for the success of your click and collect

The tool must be :

  • Intuitive, pleasant, fluid, ergonomic
  • Useful : the information provided must be relevant and the functionalities used must be necessary for the user. Internet users should easily find what they are looking for
  • Responsive design required : adaptation to all types of screen (smartphone, tablet, computer)

Make a secure withdrawal and multifunction payment

At the level of the “collect”

  • Remember to organize your point of sale to facilitate the withdrawal of click and collect orders :
    • Ease of access, (transport, bicycle ...)
    • Easy access for people with reduced mobility,
    • Easy parking,
  • Ensure a good customer relationship throughout the buying journey.

At the payment level

The integration of several payment options is essential to make your daily life easier. So remember that the payment method is compatible / adapted to your cash register.

  • dematerialized restaurant vouchers,
  • lydia type solutions,
  • the stripes

PS : Don’t forget to communicate transparently !

The click and collect, or withdrawal in store *
UX : user experience **


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