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NF V01-015 accredited inspection : a proven tool

Food Hygiene News 12 avril

Reminder of the concept of the NFV01-015 commercial inspection grid : Since 2016, each commercial catering professional can, on a voluntary basis, use an independent and accredited Hygiene Laboratory in order to carry out the verification its good understanding of regulatory requirements in hygiene and food safety.

audit et inspection mérieux nutrisciences

Mérieux NutriSciences The first organization to be accredited for the performance of the NFV01-015 commercial inspection.

The advantage of this evaluation grid is that it has been designed as close as possible to official requirements. It therefore makes it possible to carry out a “blank inspection”, to prepare for and anticipate the passage of official services. Unlike the official inspection, the score obtained with this accredited inspection is confidential and will not be disseminated and published under any circumstances.

Testimony of Mr. Arthur Muller, Head of Food Quality and Operational Training France at Lagardère.

audit et inspection mérieux nutrisciences

"An inspection is an" expert audit ", which becomes a reference tool in the management of hygiene and quality on our network."

Why did you choose to perform such a service and not only carry out audits ?

"Audits have always helped us in managing our best practices and procedures, but the advantage of this service is that it allows us to broaden the scope of control. The initial objectives were : risk assessment on our networks ; training our managers in this type of audit ; have a report which can be referred to in the event of an audit. "

Would you recommend that restaurant professionals do an inspection ? If so, in which particular case (s) ?

"Yes, I recommend some type of inspection, representative of the reality of official controls. This allows for a good risk assessment of a network. "

What feedback can you give us with your experience on this service ? - Benefit (s) for your establishments ?

"This service becomes an annual meeting for our sites, which have become accustomed to it and whose aim and objective is to improve their rating. It is an audit that challenges the teams. The action plan that follows the inspection will concern a larger sphere of stakeholders, it is not just the site manager who is involved in this inspection but a larger part of the company. This inspection will further professionalize our teams in order to ensure food safety. "

You wish to participate in the free Alim’confiance webinar organized by Mérieux NutriSciences, go to the link below : http://bit.ly/2GH4xE8


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