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Catering 2021: On the way to ethical delivery.

Food Hygiene News 12 April 2021

Good delivery is ethical, responsible and sustainable delivery.

This delivery method is in the spotlight thanks to Resto.Paris, which is an alternative and fair ordering platform, born during the Covid-19 health crisis.

Who is behind the project?

Three organizations are at the origin of Resto.Paris:

  • Coopcyple: It is a meal delivery platform. Their desire is to offer a fairer tool to restaurants while promoting the profession of bicycle delivery.
  • Écotable: It is a sustainable catering label, the objective of which is to guide the various catering players towards an eco-responsible approach.
  • Olvo: It is a cooperative specializing in cyclo-logistics in Paris and its suburbs. Delivery is ensured by cargo bikes, equipped according to customer standards and constraints.

Their goals?

Their objective is to allow any eco-responsible restaurant to offer its offer (respecting an ethical charter), in click & collect or fair delivery. According to Chloé Bouilloux, project manager at Resto.Paris and delivery person at Olvo, the aim is to promote the profession of bicycle delivery as well as to maintain the restaurant sector, weakened by the health crisis.

  • To support them, the objective would therefore be:
  • Support restaurants,
  • Provide Parisians with healthy and sustainable food,
  • Ensure ecological and responsible delivery methods,
  • Promote the economic model based on coopetition,
  • Preserve the margins of restaurateurs, and perpetuate salaried jobs in the field of delivery,

Their main mission would be to offer an economic model based on a fairer registration process. Without further ado to find out more in detail, visit Resto.paris

On the road to more ethical delivery & # 128692;

Source: Konbini


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