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[Flash-info] Everything you need to know about the solidarity fund for the month of December 2020 intended for the catering sector.

Food Hygiene News 12 April 2021

Since the start of the Covid-19 health crisis, the State and the regions have set up a solidarity fund to help the most affected companies (SMEs, VSEs, independents, micro-entrepreneurs ...)

According to the latest news, measures have been reinforced to help the catering sectors. The objective is to allow companies to fully cover their expenses before the reopening scheduled for January 20, 2021.

The development of the solidarity fund from December 1, 2020

For businesses closed administratively, café, restaurant, hotel, Bar (...)

For these companies, the solidarity fund will be accessible regardless of their size.

According to the communiqué of November 29, 2020, These companies will continue to benefit from aid of up to € 10,000 or may opt for a new aid of 15% of monthly turnover aimed at covering their fixed costs, increased to 20% of monthly turnover for businesses closed administratively or for those experiencing a loss of turnover of at least 70%.

To know !

The benchmark turnover used for the calculation will be the turnover for the month of December 2019, or the monthly turnover observed in 2019.

This aid will be granted to each company on the basis of a SIREN number declaration. This device will be capped at 200,000 euros per month.

For all companies in sector S1, S1 bis, which remained open and durably affected by the crisis, (traditional catering, fast food, pastry ...)

Sector S1: Companies in sector S1, without size criteria, which have not been completely closed, but suffering a decrease in turnover of at least 50% will benefit from an aid of 10,000 euros, or compensation of 15% of monthly turnover. Those who have experienced a 70% drop in turnover, the compensation will then reach 20% of turnover. This aid will also be allocated on the basis of the SIREN number declaration.

Sector S 1 Bis: Companies with less than 50 employees suffering a decrease in turnover of at least 50% will be able to benefit from aid of up to 10,000 euros.

In terms of approach, how to benefit from it?

Without further ado, go to your personal space imposts.gouv Remember that you will find in your "secure messaging" space under "write" a reason contact "I am asking for help from companies weakened by the Covid-19 epidemic."

Source : economie.gouv


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