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[Flash-info] Learn all about the new financial aid for CHR. (cafes, bars, restaurants ...)

Food Hygiene News 12 avril 2021

Catering and bar professionals are among the business sectors most affected by the health crisis. Once again, the restaurant industry had to close its doors until December 1, 2020.

According to the latest news, "each week in confinement translates into 80 million unserved meals and 1 billion euros in lost revenue and each week of curfew represents 65 million lost meals and 900,000 euros in lost earnings", according to the calculation of Gira . A considerable impact for the country of gastronomy.

In this alarming economic context, the government has implemented an intensive reinforcement of aid.

Faced with the second wave, here are the new aid for restaurateurs.

The Ministry of the Economy announced the reinstatement of aid measures last spring and new measures revised upwards. Some are extended, such as the sum of 10,000 euros in compensation for the loss of turnover. But what are the criteria ?

The solidarity fund

The solidarity fund was created during the first confinement to help French companies in the sectors most affected by Covid-19 : small SMEs, very small VSEs, the self-employed, and micro-entrepreneurs

Since its inception it has been subject to modifications. Today, the solidarity fund is again open to all economic sectors, is extended at least until December 31, 2020, and revised upwards on certain criteria.

Who ?

Businesses that were banned from hosting the public between September 25, 2020 and November 30, 2020

How much ?

Part 1 with support of up to 1,500 euros

All companies with less than 50 employees. As soon as their loss of turnover reaches 50%, they can then benefit from the aid.

Part 2 with support up to 10,000 euros.

Companies in the S1 sector (restaurant, bar, hotel, etc.) will receive aid to compensate for their loss of turnover up to € 10,000, without co-payment.

All companies with less than 50 employees closed administratively, as well as companies that remained open in the sectors most affected by the crisis (sector S1 and S1 Bis)

You are eligible for the second part, go to the site : Solidarity Fund for VSEs.


Have a turnover down by at least 50% compared to 2019.

The companies concerned must declare themselves on the site Directorate General of Public Finances.

Exemption from charges

To support the cash flow of the most affected companies, a system has been put in place by the state, it mainly concerns establishments that experience a loss of turnover of more than 50%

Who ?

All companies with less than 50 employees administratively closed and companies in the sector S1 and S 1 Bis.

Administratively closed bars and restaurants will be able to benefit from a total exemption from social security contributions due throughout the period concerned.


100% of the charges.

The extension of the partial unemployment scheme

Supposed to disappear on October 30, 2020, the partial unemployment scheme is finally maintained.

Following the new measures to close bars and restaurants, this partial unemployment will be covered 100% by the state and Unedic at least until December 31.

Who ?

All employees placed on short-time work can benefit from this system.


84% of the net salary will be paid by the state and the remaining 15% by the employer.

Loan guaranteed by the state

Repayment of loans guaranteed by the State postponed to 2022

Who is eligible for the EMP ? (Loan guaranteed by the state)

Businesses regardless of their size (large, medium, small, very small businesses) and their legal form (company, merchant, craftsman, entrepreneur, association, liberal profession, etc.) can apply to their bank for a guaranteed loan. by the State in order to support their cash flow.


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