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[News flash] : What is the eco-score ?

Food Hygiene News 12 avril 2021

The eco-score, the new environmental indicator. But what exactly is it ? & # 128064 ; We explain everything to you here & # 128071 ;

The eco-score : What is it ?

Like the nutriscore, the eco-score is the new indicator to measure the environmental and ecological impact at a glance.

A new method to be able to inform consumers about the impact of their food choices.

How does the eco-score calculation work ?

The eco-score is calculated from several product life cycle analyzes (LCA). These analyzes make it possible to obtain a score between 0 and 100, depending on four factors :

  • Biological agriculture
  • Product processing
  • The mode of distribution
  • Transport (delivery)

This indicator will take the form of a rating from A to E with a color code (from green to red).

It would be synonymous with a low environmental impact, which corresponds to 100% organic production, resulting from a short circuit sold in recycled and recyclable packaging.

E : strong environmental impact.

Once the marks are obtained, the system of penalties and bonuses applies. This system is based on the information on the labels. Regarding the bonus, the presence of a label will be taken into account. Note that the more the product comes from a short circuit, the higher it will be rated.

To better inform you, here are some examples of bonuses taken into account to be able to establish the notes *

Conversely, regarding penalties, it will be awarded to products that contain ingredients with significant negative impacts on biodiversity and ecosystems. For example, the type of packaging is analyzed : cardboard, plastic, recyclable packaging, overpack.

Are you a restaurateur ? Are you interested in reducing the impact of environmental food ? Now adopt this ethical method and be transparent by informing your consumers of the Eco-Score of the dishes they choose !

Together let’s be committed actors ✨

Source : La fourche*


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