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The 100% traqfood Christmas wishlist for you restaurateurs.

Food Hygiene News 12 avril 2021

Ho ! Ho ! Ho Christmas is fast approaching the traqfooders ;) It is high time to tie your gifts, & # 127873 ;

This year, a special thought for you, our dear restaurant friends !

New start, New resolutions, opt for a complete digitalization of your HACCP procedures thanks to the N ° 1 application for downloads in France ;) traqfood will simplify your control plan while guaranteeing your customers absolute food safety !

Compose your wishlist by offering yourself :

1. Complete management of your digital PMS !

The traqfood App, the ideal, fast and efficient tool to support you on a daily basis in your HACCP procedures is available in any medium, downloadable from App Store, Google Play, and in web version. (30 days free trial with no obligation), traqfood is also suitable for all food professionals (baker, restaurateur, pastry chef, butcher, caterer, etc.).

To get started, treat yourself to a free demo of the app with a traqfood expert ! Quickly reserve your place by clicking here & # 129303 ; & # 128195 ;

2. Time ! the must-have of restaurateurs !

The connected temperature sensor is specially designed for automatic temperature reading. A considerable saving of time, which will prevent you from going around the refrigerated enclosures morning and evening ! The connected Super Sensor will do it for you and ALERT you IN CASE OF ANOMALIES and non-compliant temperatures !

3. Speed ​​and efficiency

The connected labeller lets you work more efficiently ! you have quick access to all labels of all productions or any open product.

NB : The secondary DLC will be directly written on it, ready to paste !

4. A reinforced device suitable for the kitchen !

A rugged and reinforced tablet with restricted access only for use of the traqfood app. Perfect for the kitchen environment ;)

In case of disconnection, remember that your data will be kept on the tablet pending synchronization.

5. A consulting session, and it’s free !

Above all, the consulting session is a privileged moment, for you and / or your entire team.

The objective being, to support you effectively to give you meaning to the regulatory obligations adapted to your needs, for the good progress of your work. Book your session now !

6. The white paper on good hygiene practices, and it’s also available !

Need a refresher or train your teams on good hygiene practices ? The traqfood white paper is PERFECT for you ! You will find all the regulatory obligations in a concise and illustrated way !

Discover without further delay our white paper !

7. The special Covid-19 white paper, still available !

Following the strengthening of the health protocol, we have established a special Covid-19 White Paper just for you ! Downloadable here : The Special White Paper Covid-19 explains everything ! The essentials to remember and apply on a single medium !

Without further ado, book your gifts ! & # 127877 ;


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