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traqfood supports the association Belles Gamelles ✨

Food Hygiene News 12 avril 2021

Together we support ✨

The Belles Gamelles association is first and foremost committed restaurateurs, supported by local producers and suppliers.

From the start of the Covid-19 health crisis, more than 30 Toulouse restaurateurs and 200 people joined together on a voluntary basis to support and support nursing staff. Every day, they concoct good simmered, healthy and balanced dishes, made with local products.

More than 500 cooked meals are distributed per day. The primary objective is to offer them a moment of indulgence and relaxation.

Gradually, the association broadens its action by also distributing meals to people in precarious situations (homeless and refugees).

Today traqfood supports the Belles Gamelles association 100% ✨

Indeed, as a major player in food safety and hygiene, it is our duty to contribute, to help and to support professionals in the catering trade as best as possible.

On a voluntary basis, traqfood allows the team to work simply, efficiently and quickly !

For the sustainability of the association, let us unite so that the fight continues✨

Created during the first confinement, Belles Gamelle continues to grow, day after day ! At the start of the adventure, the chefs worked in their own kitchens, but very soon they moved to the Toulouse National Interest Market (MIN). Today, a chef and a second chef now work full time for the association. However, food aid does not know any respite, which is why in order to continue this great adventure, we invite you to join us ;)

Together to warm the heart !!


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