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International cooks day

International Days : Good deals ! 12 April 2021

International Cooks Day also known as International Chefs Day has been celebrated every year on October 20 for 16 years now.

The first inaugural celebration of this profession across the world was intended to generate recognition for food professions and to pay tribute to all kitchen professionals through their techniques and know-how.

Zoom on the profession of Cook

The profession of cook is practiced in various places such as restaurants, hotels, bars, hospitals, schools.

  • A demanding profession!
  • A good cook, whatever the type of establishment, must be
  • Endowed with an artistic sense,
  • Rigorous, tenacious, organized and methodical,
  • Creative and original,
  • Listening,
  • A good manager and a good analyst,
  • Resistant,
  • Fast and careful

The basics of the work of a cook.

Usually, the cook often works in a team. The job of a cook consists of preparing hot or cold dishes, from starter, main course to dessert.

Depending on the structures, missions and working methods may vary.

The main missions of a cook:

  • Compose the menus,
  • Select the necessary products,
  • Prepare orders,
  • Manage inventory,
  • Take care of the dressing of the plates,
  • Clean the kitchen at the end of the service,
  • Training in good hygiene practices and HACCP procedures,
  • Ensure compliance with hygiene standards,
  • Check the products at each reception,

International Chefs Day 2020.

Every year, Worldchef, the global association of chefs’ societies, celebrates International Cooks Day.

This year, the theme will be around "Healthy Food for the Future".

On the road to healthy eating!

Visit Worldchefs.com for the program!

Happy international chefs day everyone. A big thank you to all the cooks around the world, and in particular to our restaurant customers for our great tasting pleasure for consumers, while respecting hygiene and food safety standards!


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