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International Day of Italian Cuisine.

International Days : Good deals ! 12 April 2021

Buongiorno! & # 127470; & # 127481;

On the occasion of this international day of Italian cuisine, the foodies & # 128373; ️‍♀️ wanted to immerse you entirely in this culture and this gastronomy rich in flavors. the Catholic feast of Sant’Antonio Abate, who is a very popular saint. This international day was proclaimed by the "ITCHEFS, bringing together Italian chefs, restaurateurs, and professionals from all over the world specializing in Italian cuisine.

Worldwide famous

According to a study recently conducted by the Yougov institute Italian cuisine is said to be the most popular cuisine in the world. Indeed, out of 25,000 people questioned in 24 different countries, many cited pasta, pizza, risotto, focaccia, tiramisù (...)

Did you know? Each region has its own gastronomic specialty:

Pizza & # 127829;

It is in Naples, a former Italian province, in the Campania region, that we owe the creation of the pizza. Perhaps the most popular specialty in the world. A dish consisting of garnishing a bread dough with ingredients. According to the study by CNRS, 951 pizzas are consumed every second around the world. France is said to be one of the most consuming countries behind the United States and ahead of Italy. Each French person consumes an average of 10 kilos of pizzas per year VS Italians 5 kilos per year.

Charcuterie & # 127830;

Bologna, located in the northeast of the country, in the region of Emilia-Romagna. An Italian city, which has contributed to the reputation of Italian cuisine. Known for its cold cuts, mortadella and Parma ham, Culatello di Zibello is the town’s specialty;)

Tiramisu & # 127854;

Tiramisu, one of the staples of Italian gastronomy after pizza. This creamy dessert was born in the region of Tuscany, which is located in the center - west of the country.

Pasta & # 127837;

Benvenuto in Rome, in fact it is in the Lazio region that the best Italian pasta specialties are tasted.

Mozzarella & # 129747;

As for the famous mozzarella di buffala, this Italian star product, was born in the Campagnia region.

How about Italy on your plate on such a special day? & # 127470; & # 127481;

To celebrate this day, opt for delivery or click & collect, Let’s support our friends the restaurateurs together;)

Treat yourself & Buon appetito & # 127860; & # 128526;

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