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International Sausage Day.

International Days : Good deals ! 12 April 2021

A staple of charcuterie platters, dry sausage appeals to everyone. For the occasion, we are giving you a little tip on how to recognize a good sausage. Attention, we reveal everything to you. & # 127830;

So how do you recognize an artisanal dry sausage from an industrial sausage?

The first thing to see: its shape!

Any good artisanal sausage has an irregular shape. A natural casing will therefore be curved, hunchbacked and poorly formed. If it represents a uniform casing with a regular diameter, then the sausage was machine prepared.

The closing of the sausage

An artisanal sausage is closed according to the rules of the art, with a string at each end, which means that the sausage has been made in a natural casing. Otherwise, if the tubular ends with a metal ring or the clips, it is because it has been prepared industrially and therefore synonymous with synthetic tubular. NB: This envelope brings flavor and can be eaten! So remember to take a look at it before consuming it.

The color of the sausage, also called "the flower of a sausage"

A non-uniform color represents artisan sausages. In this case, the white color represents natural mold. As for industrial sausages, they are presented with a regular color. The excess white represents flour or talc and therefore, it is an unnatural mold.


One of the important elements to recognize a good sausage: The sausage must be very dry on the inside, and very hard on the outside. NB: A very soft heart of sausage will often be acidic and tasteless.

How to store it properly?

First of all, note that the dry sausage is not subject to a DLC (use by date), the older the sausage, the better! Nothing could be simpler, opt for air drying and let it breathe.

Now that you have the basics, head to your favorite deli!

Together, let’s support local shops! ✨


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