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Vegan Day !

International Days : Good deals ! 12 April 2021

Veganism a way of life.

Contrary to what one might think, veganism was not born in the 21st century, the term vegan was born in 1944 by Donald Watson, the co-founder of the Vegan Society which is a charity based in England. He is one of the first representatives of veganism. The basis of this movement is respect for animal life, marked by a refusal to consume any product resulting from their exploitation.

The goal of veganism is that animals, like people, are treated ethically. It’s not all about diet, it spans all aspects of daily life: clothing, cruelty-free, cruelty-free cosmetics, activities and dating.

The Vegan Society puts it this way: "It is time to ask yourself: if it is now possible to live a life that involves delicious food and drink, offer a better health, leaves a lower carbon footprint and avoids killing other creatures - So why not do it ”?

Vegans, traqfood has thought of you on this special day!

During this confinement, your restaurants remain open, they are now available on delivery platforms such as ubereats, deliveroo ... Don’t wait any longer, order your good food and veggie tips.

A little nod to our client La maison nomade located in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. You can find everything from breakfast to lunch, afternoon tea and brunch :) Order with your eyes closed!

"Pancakes time" & # 129374;

Located in Montmartre, in a historic district of the capital. The vegetable slaughterhouse a cozy little restaurant, which oscillates between the coffee shop and the 100% organic and 100% vegetable canteen. On the one hand, the grocery store, with finely selected products, such as Parisian beers from Goutte d’Or or matcha ...

"Lunch Time" & # 127869; & # 127860;

On this special day, VEGGIE do not miss this good address. The restaurant SWEET RAWMANCE recognized as the best Vegan brunch in Paris, which offers 100% Homemade products, without refined sugar and a wide variety of gluten-free options.

"Brunch time" & # 127869; & # 127860;

We have observed that food safety and restaurant hygiene remain your number one concern in this time of a pandemic, which is quite normal. Do not panic! For this, we invite you to use Alim’confiance a device working towards greater transparency for consumers by giving them access to results of restaurant health checks. Now available on the mobile application (the app store, google play, windows store).

Do not wait any longer, quickly download the application for better reassurance.


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