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World Bread Day

International Days : Good deals ! 12 April 2021

This Wednesday October 16 is World Bread Day. If there ever is a day when you have to eat bread, it’s today :)

It is also an opportunity to take stock of this iconic food omnipresent in our diet.

As we know, bread is the traditional staple food of many cultures. Each year ten billion breads are produced in France, an essential accompaniment to French meals. A household consumes an average of half a baguette per day, or 120 grams.

All about bread

Manufacturing method

Made primarily from flour, water and salt, breadmaking goes through about 10 stages.

  • Weighing of ingredients
  • Kneading
  • Score
  • The division
  • Formatting
  • Relaxation
  • Shaping
  • The primer
  • Cooking
  • PT

The secrets of good bread

There is nothing better than a good hot and crispy baguette, with the right color, and a soft crumb.

A good flour: the choice of ingredients is essential. A good baguette made with healthy and unadulterated ingredients: no additives, no enzymes and no added gluten. A homemade baguette is heavy and not very large. It is much more airy with fatter crumbs while an industrial wand is large and very light, a tighter crumb that will tend to be dry.

The appearance: the crust should be very brown, golden, smooth and the furrows well open. Ideally, the color should turn white towards the bottom of the bread.

The taste: the taste of the bread varies from one baker to another, from one type of bread to another, and the choice of ingredients (such as flour). Ideally the bread should not be too dirty.

The smell: nothing more exquisite than a good baguette coming out of a bakery oven.

A bakery is defined above all by values ​​(the company’s DNA, and know-how), passionate about craftsmanship who value the excellence of this beautiful profession, it must tell the story of a craftsman and his commitments.

A welcoming, bright bakery, bathed in a strong identity, demanding on good hygiene practices, food safety and a good HACCP approach that’s what the "customers" like. This business must remain a place where everyone can meet, share good gourmet moments.

Reminder on regulatory catering obligations.

A bakery meets the same hygiene standards as a café, restaurant and bar. A good, well-defined HACCP method is necessary in order to best meet the required regulatory obligations.

The first rule of good hygiene practice noted:

Personal hygiene

Regular hand washing to remove sweat, excess sebum, germs.

Wearing adequate clothing. (blouse, apron, hats, shoes)

Store hygiene.

At the level of the toilets, displays, chairs, tables.

Kitchen hygiene.

In terms of cleaning and disinfection of the floor, devices, utensils, work plan.

Reminder on food safety in a bakery.

A check required

  • Upon receipt of raw materials.
  • For the reserve.
  • At shelf level.
  • In terms of delivery and transport of finished products.
  • Cooking of food.
  • Oven temperature control.
  • Storage temperatures (freezer, cold room).
  • Product traceability.
  • DLC (Use By Date).
  • Sale of products and management of unsold products.

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