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Control of incoming goods
in the foodservice industry

Edouard, manager of Les Officiers, talks about his traqfood experience

"I’ve been working with traqfood for 3 years. Today, traqfood is a real plus, whether in terms of goods receipt or traceability. When it comes to hygiene, it’s really zero hassle, because we’re serene when we use this application, which is all-encompassing when it comes to hygiene."

Make sure your control on receipt is fully compliant

Thanks to our innovative control on receipt, you can save your delivery notes, record the temperature on receipt, set up alerts to warn you when the BBD expiry date has been exceeded or is approaching, and keep a record of all non-conformities (very practical for credit claims) !

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traqfood’s advantages over control on receipt

  • Schedule future deliveries
  • Corrective actions for non-conformities
  • Set best-before dates and Minimum durability dates instantly
  • Activate expired sell-by date alerts
  • Track incoming anomalies and facilitate credit claims

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