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[Flash-info] All you need to know about financial aid from the state for the digitization of your restaurant.

Food Hygiene News 12 avril 2021

Today, digitizing small businesses has become a major challenge. As a result, the government has implemented a number of aid measures including "the digital check". They are aimed at those who want to continue their activities and go digital in a professional capacity.

But under what criteria and under what conditions ? What does this aid cover ?

A digital check for a connected restaurant

What is that ?

The digital check is the solution to make your restaurant go digital. This subsidy is intended for all traders, craftsmen (...) having an establishment in Ile de France with a workforce of less than 10 employees and those who are registered in the Trade Register and the Trade Register.

The aid can reach up to 1,500 euros and finances your digital investment up to 50%.

The goal

Is to allow you to improve the digital management of your business (connected checkout, customer management, HACCP management ...), the development of e-commerce through digital marketing and boost your website.

In this time of health crisis, it gives you the opportunity to go online to try to maintain your activities.

What can this digital check cover ?

  • Digital advertising, digital loyalty solutions for your restaurant (in terms of SEA referencing, purchasing keywords, ...)
  • Digital management solutions, (Cash register software ...)
  • Stock management, delivery services,
  • Internet hosting costs,
  • HACCP applications such as traqfood,
  • Rental subscription, (BOX WIFI, internet)
  • Geolocation solutions,


To guide you better, it is now possible to assess your digital situation thanks to an online self-diagnosis, you just have to go to the laboutic.fr site dedicated to traders and CRMA for craftsmen.

  • The documents required for this process :
  • A KBIS extract or D1 extract less than 3 months old,
  • A rib,
  • Supporting documents (estimate, price list, etc.)
  • Then submit your request to the Ile de France region : My procedures

To find out more : go to the practical guide of Île de France.

Announced on November 9, 2020 by the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire, a digital check of 500 euros will be set up.

This financial measure will be granted to all businesses registered in the trade register and trade register (TPE / PME) and professionals who are administratively closed. The aim is to finance the acquisition of digital solutions. Note that this aid will be paid at the beginning of January 2021. To benefit from it, an invoice must be presented to the service and payment agency. (ASP)

The funding which aims to help VSEs / SMEs covers :

  • Membership of an online market highlighting their brands,
  • The implementation of a logistics solution, delivery,
  • The implementation of remote payment solutions,
  • The creation of a website for your business,

NB : The difference between a digital connected check can go up to 1500 euros and a digital check of 500 euros.

The connected digital check is intended exclusively for restaurants in Ile de France. Note that it is not possible, unless the government indicates otherwise, to benefit from both aids.

On the other hand, the digital check of 500 euros will be offered to all administratively closed businesses in order to finance the acquisition of a digital solution.


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