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Present on 27 sports sites to ensure food safety and hygiene.

to monitor
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to monitor
your Plan

🔍 Food Traceability 🌡️ Temperature Readings 📆 Cleaning Plan 👨‍🍳 EXP Dates Printing 👨‍🔬 Support of our Quality Engineers :
Trust Mérieux NutriSciences, the world leader in Food Safety, for a successful Digital Transformation of your HACCP Plan with traqfood App !

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Why traqfood?

  • coeur traqfood
    sécurité alimentaire avec traqfood HACCP

    + RELAX for your hygiene checks

  • température traqfood
    Appli HACCP pas chère traqfood n1 des téléchargements en France

    + FAST an HACCP App for less paperwork

  • Microscope traqfood
    traqfood solution du groupe mérieux nutrisciences

    + PRO with the Appli from the leader in food safety

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Simplifying your food safety and hygiene practices by automating your HACCP procedures

traqfood l'Appli HACCP N°1 des téléchargements en France EN
traqfood l’Appli HACCP N°1 des téléchargements en France EN

They trust us


co-founder at Pokawa

« The basic idea, even before having our first restaurant, was to work with quality service providers, precisely for hygiene because it is essential for us. Today, we are very happy because we were checked by a Food Safety officer and we had excellent results ! »


Quality Manager at Maison Pradier & Roberta

« When we started to install traqfood at all of our points of sale, operators got it quite well, as it turns out to be an intuitive tool. The fairly easy to use aspect made them feel comfortable with the tool. »


Chef of La Maison Nomade - Paris

« traqfood is a tool that makes life at STAFF easier in the kitchen, in the Maison Nomade restaurant. »


Quality Manager at Bagelstein

« traqfood brings me speed and efficiency in the supervision of the entire network. I don’t have to move, in a minute from my computer I know who is up to date and who is not, thanks to the dashboard. »


Manager «Les Officiers», at Vincennes

« Regarding hygiene, it is ZERO HASSLE ! We are really at ease with the use of the traqfood application, which covers all aspects of hygiene. »


Manager of Adagio Bercy Village

« A few months ago, we decided to use traqfood for our new grocery store deployment and new breakfast products, in order to better manage all the legal provisions related to food hygiene. »


Sous chef at «L’Hôtel du Collectionneur»

« traqfood saves time both for the sous-chefs and for our teams, who quickly joined this program. »


Manager of Paradis des Fruits Opéra

« traqfood represents security on receipt of merchandise and insurance on the traceability of our products as well as the restaurant cleaning plan. »

App Free Trial ios playstore

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