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How to avoid the transmission of Coronavirus in restaurants

Food Hygiene News 12 avril

Currently, the Coronavirus is on everyone’s lips and for good reason. With more and more cases showing up every day, it is important to be careful not to spread the virus. Here are some recommendations to adopt to minimize the risk of transmission in your restaurant.

Wash your hands often

According to Public Health France, 80% of germs are transmitted through the hands. Already in the HACCP process, hand washing is important, but with the Coronavirus, it is all the more essential to wash your hands several times a day. According to the guidelines of the World Health Organization, you should wash your hands :

  • after each visit to the toilet
  • every time you blow your nose or cough
  • after a journey by public transport

For the restoration, we will also add :

  • after changing the bins
  • when taking post
  • before and after the preparation of the dishes

How to wash my hands effectively ?

For efficient washing in restaurants, you need equipment adapted to the hygiene requirements of this profession. The HACCP method requires kitchens to be equipped with a non-manual sink (to be operated) and to dry their hands with disposable hand towels. Two good points to avoid the transmission of the virus.

Washing your hands effectively, however, is not a natural thing to do. Here are some things to guide you :

  • Remove jewelry and watch
  • Washing is done with bactericidal soap and water
  • It is necessary to pass between the fingers
  • Be careful not to forget the thumbs
  • Clean up to the elbow
  • Scrub for at least 30 seconds
  • Use disposable nail brush to clean under nails
  • Then dry with a disposable hand towel.

To avoid contamination, it is also important that the bins do not need to be opened and closed manually.

Other reflexes to have

You need to have other reflexes to protect yourself and others. It is therefore recommended :

  • coughing or sneezing into his elbow
  • use disposable tissues
  • to wear a surgical mask only if you are a carrier of Coronavirus
  • avoid greeting each other by shaking hands or kissing each other

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