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[Flash-info] All you need to know about my connected business, a system set up by the government to digitize your restaurants.

Foodtech Trends 20 November 2020

The e-commerce boom

Indeed, faced with the Covid-19 pandemic, consumers automatically turned to e-commerce to make their purchases (essential and non-essential). Since then, France has seen a sharp increase in requests for online access. According to a study conducted by Onfindo, more than one in 2 French people (57%) say they have increased use of online services since the start of the pandemic. And for nearly one in five French people (18%), this frequency has increased by more than 50%.

For the second confinement, Bonial specialist in drive to store in Europe, noted through a study, "61% of buyers who plan to get their hands on the wallet during Black Friday at the end of November (compared to 6% who will not participate) and 58% of respondents who will not wait for December 1st to start their holiday gifts. " 62% of French people say they will make their end-of-year purchases online.

Click my business

What is that ?

Recently developed by the government, Clique mon commerce is a digital solution, labeled, intended for professionals in the catering trade, hotel professionals, traders, artisans (...) aimed at all regions from France.


Allow you to continue your activities but this time on a web platform with preferential rates and sometimes free. Several solutions are available for your digitization needs:

  • Communication with your customers (via internet)
  • The creation and development of a commercial site
  • Ensure for a referencing on a market place
  • The implementation of a logistics and delivery solution
  • The implementation of a remote or digital payment solution

These solutions make it possible to identify the most suitable needs according to your type of activity, geographic location (...)


It’s simple, go to the government website Clique mon commerce.


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