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Expiration dates (DLC and DDM)

The Regulatory Obligations of the Restaurateur 12 avril 2021

The Use By Date (DLC) and the Minimum Durability Date (DDM) are intended to inform the consumer of the time until which foodstuffs retain their microbiological (for DLC), organoleptic, physical, nutritious, tasty, etc ...

The three types of DLC you need to know :

- # The primary DLC : On the label, we will find the mention to consume until. The products should not be consumed after this date. This DLC is found especially on prepackaged raw materials stored in a positive cold room (yogurt, meat, cream, fish, etc.).
- # The DDM : On the label, we will find the mention preferably to be consumed before. Products can be consumed after this date (if stored properly). It mainly concerns grocery products (flour, dry dough, rice, semolina, etc.) and frozen products.
- # Secondary DLC : This DLC is the shelf life after opening at your establishment and is the responsibility of the operator (unless it is already defined by the manufacturer). It must not exceed the initial DLC of the Raw Material.

Help tables for evaluating the secondary DLC

In the absence of secondary DLC defined by you (in particular via aging studies), you will find below indicative lifetimes usually practiced by the profession.

Meat and meat products, poultry

Nature of food DLC after opening
Minced meat, preparations of minced meat, offal, preparation of meat obtained from offal, game meat - for cooking D + 1
Minced meat, preparation of minced meat, Offal - no cooking Service
Raw meat : piece of raw meat D + 2
Raw or cooked charcuterie sliced ​​on site J
Raw cooked meats (merguez, chipolatas), Terrine and pâté D + 3
Cooked cold meats (whole, chopped or pre-sliced : Ham, garlic sausage) D + 5

Seafood and freshwater products

Nature of food DLC after opening
Cooked or raw whole fish, molluscs and crustaceans, cooked or raw shelled shellfish D + 1

Milk and Dairy Products

Nature of food DLC after opening
Fresh raw milk products, unstable whipped cream D + 2
Pre-wrapped cut cheeses, grated cheese, custard, crème fraîche, milk, cream cheese, fromage blanc D + 3
Butter D + 10

Eggs and Egg Products

Nature of food DLC after opening
Egg products, white powder, shelled eggs, in bag D + 2


Nature of food DLC after opening
Pastries with cream J
Pastries without cream, dry, Canned desserts D + 3

Others products

Nature of food DLC after opening
Products 4th range of fruits and vegetables (ready to use) and 5th range (vacuum-packed meals) D + 3
Frozen / deep-frozen foods : Ice cream, ice cream, frozen seafood and freshwater DLC / DDM
Preparations produced on site D + 3

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