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Reception checks

The Regulatory Obligations of the Restaurateur 12 avril 2021

Reception checks are part of the regulatory obligations of restaurateurs. To know the definition of Reception Control, and to see how to carry out an Reception Control, the answer is in the article !

The restaurateur has an obligation to check his merchandise upon receipt because he becomes responsible when he accepts it. The reception control consists of validating or not a goods received by the supplier according to several criteria.

Check the conditions of transport of the goods :

  • The cleanliness of delivery trucks and deliverers must be satisfactory
  • The truck must have the certificate of technical conformity which meets the ATP specifications : agreement relating to the international transport of perishable foodstuffs
  • The truck has marking stickers on both sides as well as on the top and front to recognize the cold production technique of the machines, their isothermal energy and their class.

Check the condition of the packaging :

  • Cardboard not torn or damaged
  • Preserves not dented, not bulging and not rusted
  • Non-pierced vacuum packaging
  • Absence of mold, dirt, foreign bodies

Check labeling compliance :

  • Name of supplier
  • Supplier contact details
  • Product Name
  • The DLC / DDM
  • The batch number
  • The sanitary approval number (for food of animal origin)
  • List of ingredients and allergens
  • Quantity, net weight

Check the delivery temperature readings :

  • Have a clean probe thermometer in working order
  • Read the T ° C by placing the probe between 2 packages. If there is any difference, probe the T ° C at the heart of the product.
  • Quickly store fresh and frozen products in refrigeration equipment

Keep track of all checks carried out for each delivery :

  • On paper or directly on the traqfood application, fill in the checks carried out (T ° C, State of packaging, Labeling, etc.)

In case of non-compliance, refuse or isolate the product (s) awaiting supplier return and archive the non-compliance.


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