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HACCP in Catering : Regulatory Obligations

The Regulatory Obligations of the Restaurateur 12 avril 2021

The restorer’s regulatory obligations represent the least attractive phase of the profession. Without complicating your task too much, we explain here what to do / remember in a simple and synthetic way in order to carry out all your HACCP procedures !

1. Ensure product traceability

traçabilité alimentaire avec traqfood HACCP

Information to keep :

  • Name of supplier
  • Product Name
    - * The DLC
    - * The batch number
    - * The health approval number (for meat, dairy products and processed fish)

Retention period of traceability information :

- * Products without DDM : Duration archiving 5 years.
- * Products with a DDM> 5 years : Archiving period duration of the DDM + 6 months (some cans).
- * Perishable products with BBD <3 months or without BBD : Archiving period 6 months from the date of delivery or manufacture.

2. Justify an active cleaning plan

obligations réglementaires du restaurateurs, traqfood HACCP

The quality of cleaning and disinfection depends on the combination of 4 factors

  • Temperature
    - * Action time
    - * Mechanical action
    - * Concentration of the cleaning product

3. Read the T ° C of all its refrigeration devices on a daily basis

obligations réglementaires du restaurateurs, traqfood HACCP

- * Take a reading of the T ° C of the refrigeration chambers once or twice a day (depending on the activity).
- * Adjust the T ° C of my equipment according to the foodstuffs stored in the refrigeration chamber.
Compliance with these T ° C will limit the proliferation of microorganisms in food.

4. Check the T ° C on reception

obligations réglementaires du restaurateurs, traqfood HACCP

- * Have a clean probe thermometer in working order.
- * Control and archive the delivery temperature readings.
- * Quickly store fresh and frozen products in refrigeration equipment.
- * In the event of non-compliance, refuse or isolate the product (s) awaiting supplier return and archive the non-compliance.

5. Train yourself in good hygiene practices and have a hygiene referent in your establishment

obligations réglementaires du restaurateurs, traqfood HACCP

- * Since 2011, for all commercial catering establishments, regulations have made the hygiene referent training compulsory (training over 2 days), for at least one person from the team.
- * In addition, regular training in Good Hygiene Practices is mandatory for all establishment employees in order to regularly update themselves on HACCP standards.


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