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The Regulatory Obligations of the Restaurateur

28 May 2024 at 12:24

The Hygiene Package: Definition, Contributions and Importance

Definition of the Hygiene PackageThe "Hygiene Package" is a set of European Union regulations designed to ensure a high level of food safety and...

Food Hygiene News

17 May 2024 at 10:36

What are the steps of a sanitary inspection?

1) The steps of a sanitary controlPrior Preparation:Before the health check, the inspection team prepares by reviewing relevant documents...

Food Hygiene News

10 May 2024 at 20:37

Traceability and consumer protection in restaurants

WHAT ARE THE REGULATORY OBLIGATIONS?EC Regulation No. 178/2002 defines traceability as "the ability to trace, through all stages of production,...

The Regulatory Obligations of the Restaurateur

26 April 2024 at 20:43

Complete Guide to the Ideal Temperature for Your Fridge and Freezer

1. Fridge temperatureThe fridge needs to beat to a precise rhythm to ensure the freshness of your food. Ideally, set your fridge temperature...

Foodtech Trends

16 April 2024 at 20:47

The rise of foodtech and its impact on the foodservice industry

Foodtech is an umbrella term that encompasses a wide range of technologies applied to the food industry. This includes food delivery applications,...

The Regulatory Obligations of the Restaurateur

10 April 2024 at 20:48

HACCP training: Everything you need to know!

1) Validity of HACCP training:The implementation of professional training has been mandatory for owners of catering and accommodation...

Foodtech Trends

29 March 2024 at 20:52

The history AND origins of HACCP

The Beginnings of HACCP: A Response to a Special ChallengeIn the 1960s, the space race was at its height, and NASA was at the heart of this...

Foodtech Trends

22 March 2024 at 20:56

What hygiene criteria can lead to the closure of a restaurant?

1. Violations of Food Hygiene StandardsHealth inspections are an essential part of running a restaurant. Serious breaches, such as improper...

The Regulatory Obligations of the Restaurateur

8 mars 2024 à 13h08min

How to understand the difference between MDD and DLC ?

1. Minimum Durability Date (MDD) :The Minimum Durability Date (MDD), often colloquially referred to as the "best before date", plays a key role...

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